Why Edge

We are action focused

Our role is much more than delivering a list of changes for our clients to follow alone. We offer smart, practical IT Consulting as an experienced technical team who get stuff done.

We work to maximise your benefits at every touchpoint. Our hands-on approach ensures lasting technical changes designed to enhance IT efficiency, productivity, and reduce costs.


We act as independent, trusted advisors between our clients and their suppliers. Edge is not tied to any particular supplier. 

We are experts at analysing vendor services to help improve service performance for our clients.

A fair price

We use modern tools that help us do our job quickly and at low cost. We’re not into fancy offices or long lunches – we’re here to help you achieve your business goals. If we do that well, we hope you’ll use us again.

Our quotes are based on a fair hour’s work for a fair hour’s pay. We’ll give you a professional estimate for our work, but we won’t load this with risk.

Our IP is not included in your bill

We don’t charge for our intellectual property. Insights and solutions from past projects are used on new projects without IP included in your bill. Our clients only pay for our time. 

With every project, we increase the value given to our clients.


Our team offers well over 100 years of diverse experience in the industry. Our agile approach allows us to meet the particular needs of each client best. We spot problems early and quickly discover the best solutions for maximum gains.

Kerry and the team have worked in multi-national and public sector organisations with experience on both the supplier and customer side of IT. We cover everything from IT Consulting, Governance, Project Management, to IT Infrastructure and Service Delivery.

Specialist knowledge

We stay within our areas of specialist knowledge. Our goal is to achieve measurable results for every client. If we are not the best fit for any IT situation, we have the integrity to say not us.

Our clients chose us as trusted experts in these areas: Voice and Data Communications; Cloud Services; Service Desk; Technical Services Consulting; Project Management.

We are very familiar working with IT people

As the saying goes; IT is 99% people! Our team has extensive experience in working with IT departments.

Overseeing IT change is a lot about ensuring everyone knows what they need to be doing and how their actions contribute to and affect the whole system.

IT Governance

We like to see our clients making confident decisions that align IT and wider business goals. We support our clients to achieve measurable results through guiding best practice, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency.

How can we help?

Our services simplify your data communications systems, and produce saving through improved efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to start the conversation