Realising the gains

IT Project Management

We work with your team – with your goals in mind

It’s a function of how busy modern organisations are. We find organisations have key projects that are justified with teams of technical staff and suppliers ready to go, but without the capacity to lead projects to conclusion.

IT Project Management is a specialist skill. We have years of IT experience and a structured approach to project management. We use the optimal methodology for project delivery, whether that’s waterfall, agile or a mixture of both. Ultimately, we work with your team – not for the supplier of a service. This helps to drive the project for your organisation, with your goals firmly in mind.

As part of our project management service, with your agreement, we will provide a technical review of the project to help us identify potential project risks and issues. Discovering issues early allows us to plan and mitigate problems, which helps a smoother running project.

For our clients, time really does equal money. Expert IT Project management will ensure you experience real return on your investment.

A breakdown of how we implement your changes

Realising the gains

Facilitating a smooth transition and optimal on-boarding of your team to their new systems:

  1. Technical review

    Optional review of the project to help us identify potential risks and issues upfront for a smoother running project

  2. Project management ~ Your project, your choice

    We can manage the whole process for you – or chose to self-manage – or a combination of both. We will tailor our approach to best fit your needs and team

  3. Realise greater efficiency and productivity

    We work in quick timeframes for greater gains 

  4. Your gains

    Save time/money and expand your capacity – changes seamlessly integrated with your team – ongoing training and support

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