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Organisations are facing changes as networks modernise and simplify. This is a good thing as costs fall and services expand. Today’s networks include unified communications as well as traditional data networks that connect computers, and ultimately, people together. To take advantage of these services and cost structures, we assist organisations to assess their current situation and plan changes to their mobile, fixed and data networks.

Expert advice to modernise and simplify your data communication systems

Our consultation services are all about modernising, simplifying, and cost saving. We walk you through important questions such as:  What have you got? – What do you want? – What are we going to do? – And ultimately, how are we going to get there?

We solve problems and provide cost effective solutions tailored to your needs, your team, and your future goals. We help businesses improve productivity by using technology to expand their capacity and reduce costs.

Our job is to assist your organisation and your chosen vendors to turn the benefits you have been sold into gains, as it is these gains that define your return on investment.

A clear pathway forward 

We end up with a roadmap of operational tasks. Our focus is always to help your teams achieve promised gains within a realistic time frame that works for you.

Simplicity makes for a flowing process – We like to break down the jargon into easy to understand information giving clarity to help you feel confident and empowered about your decisions.

A breakdown of our strategy process

Identifying the gains

Assessing your data communications to produce a clear roadmap of technical and commercial tasks:

  1. Enquiry ~ What have you got?

    Audit of your current system and commercial suppliers. We work to maintain valued business relationships by working with existing teams wherever possible 

  2. Discovery ~ What do you want?

    We talk to you about your requirements then carry out surveys and interviews to gather qualitative insights and quantitative data

  3. Analysis ~ Breaking it down making it simple

    Using our experience and know-how to quickly filter this information

  4. Planning ~ What are we going to do?

    Presenting data, findings, and options in ways that are easy to digest and understand. Talking through suggested pathways with you to ensure you feel empowered and confident about making the important decisions

  5. Road map of technical and commercial tasks

    Careful planning of how to implement, schedule, and manage changes to achieve the promised gains. Fitting in with your existing projects & budget

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We are action-focused, IT consultants with technical expertise.

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