About us

Edge Communications is a small organisation that knows it must work smart and produce quality work of value to stay in business. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we focus on customers in the South Island.

Kerry McFetridge and Glen Russell, together with Isaac Kavanagh, a graduate of Events and Project Management from Ara, Edge Communications specialises in Data communications consulting and IT project management. 

Kerry McFetridge

has a 30-year Information Technology and Telecommunications background, working with local and multi-national organisations throughout his career. He has a focus on technology, its return on investment and the benefits it brings. Kerry enjoys working within different teams while bringing a strong sense of where the customer fits into the equation.

Glen Russell

has a 25-year background in various branches of the Information Technology field, with a focus on IT Infrastructure and Service Delivery both in New Zealand and Overseas. Passionate about establishing and maintaining business aligned strategies for IT Services and their integration into existing operational support models.